1. Site selection and wind resource analysis:

  • Optimum site selection for wind development. Wind resource analysis of promised site. Land security studies based on land usage, transportation and grid connection restrictions.
  • Examination of historical wind energy applications on selected site.
  • Wind regime studies to select suitable wind turbine type.
  • Preliminary micrositing study based on available wind data, project scaling study and generation calculation.
  • Determination of turbine coordinates, turbine location height, air temperature and pressure values.
  • Energy yield calculation and capacity factor for each wind turbine.
  • Preparing 1/25.000 and 1/5.000 scaled map.
  • Placing turbine coordinates and facility layout on 1/25.000 and 1/5.000 scaled maps.
  • Preparation of single line schematic and project time schedule.
  • Preparation of technical information form of proposed project.
  • Preparation of license application file according to dedicated regulations.

2. Wind measurement campaign:

  • Selection of optimum mast location(s), mast height based on topographic and meteorological conditions and mast configuration.
  • Mast installation and preparation of installation report.
  • O&M of installed mast during operation period.
  • Data collection and analysis.

3. Feasibility report:

  • Providing two and three dimension maps of the site.
  • Preparation technical feasibility report based on wind measurement data and maps.
  • Facility scaling

4. Wind speed data analysis

5. Preparation of license application file based on dedicated official regulations including technical and administrative document.

6. Project analysis: Preparation a technical feasibility report for a licensed project including wind resource analysis, land security study and grid connection and transportation condition.